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Well well well

2008-02-13 12:19:09 by killer9101

Hmmm...........Im makin against madness movie but if u see .. i late so much and it because i train my self >.<

Drawings and more..cause if i allways do madness movies they will blam my ass off xD

Bring it on!

2008-01-15 16:45:28 by killer9101


Why Krinkles - Master samus dun finish faster they works ?? :PPPP

Well those Series are stopped for long time

Madness - Krinkles ok i seed ur post...I seed that big frame number
Killing spree - Master-Samus Look ... that was perfect movies!!!I waiting days and months to see the last part :)!

Now i dont remember the names but the name of series

Castle serries-Yeah that was cool anymation 2! :)
Who goes there-Yeah he told me he is not gonna make last part... :/
Mr. Bomba - U posted 6 movie there are 11,,, and new animation coming...Post other movies too :)
Super mario bross Z- CANT WAIT MORE CANT WAIT MORE O_O (Yeah i love Mario + Luigi)

Thats all :)

With this post i just want to say PLEASE DO FASTER OF MAKING MOVIES ^^

Hello again :)

2008-01-09 12:19:01 by killer9101

I have maked a movie with madness bl00pers :D if you go and see it i hope you like it!

And... i hope to be not blammed :S

yeah it passed :)

Now i hope this one new movie pass too :) It taked 1:37 hours for me and its about 1 minute

lol this one passed too XD

Hi guys!

2007-11-24 15:13:34 by killer9101

I have make 1 movie.... new
I am banned.......... i will send it in 12 days by now
Well with a lot of practice i finish them................
And you will say.. in 3 days?
Yes i do it in 3 days but not one hour at one day! I was do 6/5 hours the day
see? ;)
When i will send it i hope you like it

Yey it passed :) i hope u like it and soon there will be a new post here :)


2007-11-21 12:44:36 by killer9101

I will start to make new movie :( and i was waiting so long!!!!!

My movies got blammed..........

Hello guys!

2007-11-17 14:22:37 by killer9101